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Installing top-notch locks for both commercial and residential purposes is imperative for ensuring world-class safety and security. Fullerton Locksmith Services is proficient in offering top-quality locksmith services to all valuable customers within the estimated time. Our outstanding locksmith services pledge to provide remarkable results around the clock. At Fullerton Locksmith Services, we are well-equipped with world-class professionals capable of swiftly handling any lock-related emergency.

Our professional team stands out for offering unparalleled help. And when it comes to time-sensitive cases where attention to minor details is immensely crucial, we are no less. Our certified experts will do everything from professional and quick locksmith services to customized security solutions. We will repair any lock issues and ensure optical protection by installing the new durable locks properly.

24 Hours solutions to all your locksmith needs:

Irrespective of what time it is by your clock, our locksmith professionals are always at your service. We at Fullerton Locksmith are here to provide you with round-the-clock locksmith services in all cases of emergency. Regardless of your requirements, we will ensure that all your locksmith needs are immediately resolved.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Locksmiths - All our locksmiths are professional and experienced locksmith technicians, our team is fully trained and qualified to get the job done to your complete satisfaction. All the locksmiths of Fullerton Locksmith Services are highly skilled and experienced locksmith professionals. Our entire team is thoroughly trained and possesses the requisite qualifications to complete all your jobs with complete satisfaction.

Whether a broken lock needs to be fixed or you need to install a new car lock, reach out to us. Our professional technicians are always geared up to provide complete security to your family and property.

Most Reliable and Effective Locksmith Services

At Fullerton Locksmith Services, we offer world-class and professional locksmith service throughout Fullerton, California. We cater our 24-hour locksmith services to all locations within our service area in Fullerton, Northern Orange County, California. Our locksmith technicians are always available round the clock to ensure your door lock is installed whenever and wherever you require it.

Re-keying or Changing Locks

Every lock demands a unique technique for fixing or changing without inflicting damage. And our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists is at your disposal to provide swift and convenient service. We are available 24*7 to cater to all your emergency locksmith requirements.

Our proficient and expert technicians also offer the convenience of rekeying your locks. We also have the potency to carve out one master key that can quickly open all the locks in your home.

Our professionals are trained to handle all the components of your residence or property with utmost care to avoid vandalism. We also make sure that not an inch of damage is inflicted on your property.

Repairing Locks

Are you tired of searching for reliable, fast lock repair services at Fullerton? Well, look no further, as the highly skilled professionals of Fullerton Locksmith Services are here to serve you with the best.

We host world-class professionals and specialize in repairing almost every type of lock. Our technicians have hands-on experience repairing door handle locks, deadbolts, commercial locks, residential locks, panic bars, etc. Since we provide high-level security services, you can rest assured that our technicians will repair your locks with accuracy and precision.

Get in touch with us now to get started with a quote! Once you associate with us, you will experience the peace of mind that comes with the best lock repair services!

Car Locksmith Fullerton

Whenever you need an automotive locksmith, we at Fullerton Locksmith will provide various services. We will do everything from car key repair, replacement, or extracting broken car keys. Our highly skilled and professional experts have the efficiency to offer unmatched roadside assistance to our valuable customers.

24 hour Locksmith

If you ever need an emergency locksmith service, look no further! Fullerton Locksmith Services is here to provide the most reliable service and help you with your security needs.

Whether you've been locked out of your house or lost your car keys, our experienced professionals will help you. They will find a quick solution that suits your needs best. Don't hesitate to call us and acquire the assistance that you require!

Home Security Any Time Of Day

We at Locksmith Fullerton offer comprehensive home security solutions. Our priority is to protect your home and family and provide complete security.

We will also ensure that you can monitor your home 24*7 and no further burglary occurs at your residence.

Securing Your Office

Our commercial locksmith services are here to provide you with the top-notch security you need. We offer comprehensive security solutions for all types of businesses in Fullerton, irrespective of their size. Regardless of your locksmith needs, we can install, change, and re-kept all your commercial locks.

Additionally, our skilled technicians can install commercial panic bar locks to grant extra protection and security. When Fullerton Locksmith Services is at your disposal, you'll no longer have to worry about your business safety. Associate with us today and take pride in securing your business with top-notch security systems.


1. How long will the locksmiths take to arrive at my location?

We at Fullerton Locksmith cannot guarantee you the exact arrival time of the professional locksmiths. It's because there are a plethora of factors that influence the arrival time for a professional locksmith. However, in most cases, our professionals will take around 15 to 30 minutes to reach your destination.

At times, uncalled or uninvited situations like heavy rainfall, snowfall, or approaching storms can extend their arrival time. Heavy traffic in your area could also elevate your waiting time. Besides, congestion or an accident on an extremely busy road could also prevent a fast arrival.

You should note that distance also plays a pivotal role in the arrival time of the locksmith professionals. So, it's imperative to be aware of how far the locksmith service center is from your location. But once the locksmith professional arrives at your location, it won't take much time for them to complete their tasks. However, the required time for completing the services might vary according to the tasks at hand.

2. What time will a locksmith take to unlock your car door?

There are certain circumstances when you accidentally lock yourself inside or outside your car. Well, there's nothing to get scared or worried about. When you have Fullerton Locksmith services, unlocking your cars' door lock will no longer be complicated. Our professional locksmith professionals have the potency to unlock your car door within the quickest possible time.

However, the exact time for a locksmith to unlock your car door will depend on certain factors. Some of the most common ones include the security systems of your vehicle, the state of your car lock, etc.

While unlocking your car door, our locksmith professional is likely to conduct some of the following acts:

  • Reprogram your vehicles' entire keyless entry system.
  • Address the immobilizer.
  • Determine the electrical resistance values of your car for creating a duplicate key.
  • Extract a piece of the broken key from the lock.
  • Use special tools for unlocking the inner panel of your cars' door.
  • Insert a metal slim jim tool between the glass and the weather stripping on the door.

3. How long will it take for a locksmith to unlock your front door?

Sometimes you accidentally get locked out of your apartment or house, especially when you are in a hurry. You may have to rush somewhere, and you left your car keys inside, and you need access to your residence quickly.

Irrespective of what the situation is, our professional locksmiths will not take more than 10 minutes to unlock your front door. However, sometimes, it might take as long as 45 minutes to complete the entire procedure of unlocking. The exact time frame requisite for unlocking your front door somewhat depends on the state of your door lock.

Our professionals might use some of the following tools to unlock your front door:

  • Electric pick gun
  • Hand picks
  • Lock decoders
  • Plastic shims
  • Hex keys, etc.

4. How long will a professional locksmith take to re-key my home?

When it comes to re-keying a lock is way different than unlocking it. Your entire system requires setting up a new locking system. If you accidentally lose your door keys, you might opt for re-keying. However, you can choose this option if only you are worried about any stranger entering your premises in your absence.

The professional locksmiths of Fullerton Locksmith will take at most 10-40 minutes to re-keying each lock. The procedure usually takes significantly longer since each of the old lock pins needs to be replaced with new ones.

However, counting the number of locks present at your home will provide you with the estimated time. The greater number of locks that need to be re-keyed, the more time it will take.

5. What are the most common factors that influence unlocking?

All locks don't possess a similar mechanism for functioning. So certain locks might take a significantly longer time to unlock than a few others. Sometimes, this occurrence might also be due to the jamming or deteriorating of the lock. If you find out that your current key is no longer functional, it's time for you to call up a professional locksmith.

If the mechanism of your lock is completely damaged, the technician might be unable to fix it. So in such cases, the professional will need to remove the entire lock and replace it with a new one. Only then you can get access to your property again.

Irrespective of how skilled or proficient the locksmith is, it might not be possible to fix locks promptly. For some reason, they might take extra time to fix the prevailing issue. So they can complete the task in less than 5 minutes or take significantly longer.

Nevertheless, the locksmith professionals of Locksmith Fullerton are usually capable of fixing locks within 10 minutes. But even if they are longer, you need to have patience and cooperate with them.

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We are servicing the entire Fullerton area 24 hour, our dispatch point located at 122 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832.

Our locksmith teams are able to arrive quickly to any location within our service area in Fullerton California

Fullerton located in northern Orange County, California. The city total population is 126,003.

The city is bordered by La Habra and Brea on the north, La Mirada on the northwest, Buena Park on the west, Anaheim on the south, and Placentia on the east.

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